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Experience unique Team Building

Experiences as unique as your oceanfront venue

For many, the decision to come to White Point was made because they want their team to grow stronger - we’re a natural choice since we are known for crafting custom experiences for your Team.  While we’ll get you started with the Great Day Meeting Package ‘mandatory’ beachside bonfire and marshmallow roast, you’ve got plenty of options and if we may, we have a few suggestions for you!

'A Brush with Good Cheer'
"I had the good fortune to participate in a really fun activity called 'A Brush with Good Cheer'. In a group of approximately 12 people, we were offered Nova Scotia’s Garrison’s Hop Yard Ale – chosen by the artist leading our class, Roger Savage. Suggesting it best paired with his work, and ours that would be created in watercolour. A rough template of ‘Carter’s Beach’ was provided along with encouragement and professional guidance. While nibbling on Taste of Nova Scotia infused maple mix, I and my colleagues put down our phones and picked up brushes. I haven't painted a scene since I was a child. The painting experience and jovial interaction with the others was a total blast."
Lorne Johanson

Indeed in 2016, we have picked up a paint brush and paired it with our love of all things Nova Scotian - Good Cheer Trail libations, Taste of Nova Scotia ingredients and local artisans - to create 'A Brush with Good Cheer'! The results is an intimate experience that temps and indulges your delegates in a unique conversation and a palette of possibilities. After attending to the business agenda, unleash and nurture the creative side of your group. Guided by Roger Savage, RCA, embrace painting a 9" x 12" work of art, while sipping on a Nova Scotia wine, beer or spirit selected by the Artist based on his recommended pairing with the painting, as you nibble Taste of Nova Scotia hors d'oeuvres.

Beach Night Hike & Dark Sky Adventure
After an illuminating discussion in your meetings, bath yourself in darkness. Let the sound of the ocean surf sink in as you embark on a Night Hike and journey through the Dark Sky with our National Park Guide Paul LaLonde. He’ll test your night vision and invite you to explore our beachside oasis under the night sky guided by the stars and your senses. You’ll uncover a new, deeper appreciation of your own night vision and the world after the sun sets. Your senses will be wide awake as we push our limits and explore how humans and nature are perfectly adapted to a world without artificial light … without our computer screens, phones and be illuminated by the stars, and maybe even mood beams dancing across the night sky, and the surf capped Atlantic Ocean. 
(Perfect for groups of up to 30ppl)

Taste of Nova Scotia S'more Social
Gathering 'round the original social network - the bonfire -  is a 10,000 year old tradition around here. The ancestors of our Mi'Kmaq people gathered for Council, for storytelling and sharing of ideas and plans for the future. Bonfires serve are the key ingredient, savoured under a dark, night sky, for connecting with people - each other. Roasting marshmallows is the fun, child-like experience that causes everyone to want to be there. S'mores are the obvious evolution and while our signature White Point S'more includes a dash of peanut butter - our Taste of Nova Scotia S'more Social takes the event to a whole new level! In addition to the traditional roasted marshmallow squished between chocolate and wafer crackers, we indulge your palate with unique ingredients like Haskapa Jalapeno, Ironworks Rum n' Raison apple compote and even chocolate from Sweet Spot Chocolate Shop or Gormandise Chocolate. Our S'more Socials offer a trio of Taste of Nova Scotia ingredients so you can share savoury twists making your time around the original 'social network' uniquely memorable!

Mi’Kmaq Experiences - 10,000 years in the making
Nestled within the UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve, we are also home to the Acadia First Nation. Allow us to connect your group to traditions, insights and learnings rooted in more than 10,000 years here our community with members of Acadia First Nation. Let our Medicine Plant expert guide you through out natural forest and forrage as the First Nation residents once did - tastings included! From traditional drum making workshops, smudging ceremonies, we'd be honoured to introduce you to our friends and their rich, authentic and historic culture.

And coming this Fall, Loving Lobster - a real Taste of Nova Scotia! Head out to sea 'virtually' with Lobster Fisher'Woman', Sarah Allen onboard Peninsula Pride off the coast of Nova Scotia's South Shore and explore the gifts of the ocean and the life onboard a Lobster Boat in winter. Of course, we'll land a few tall tales and some lobster for tasting! Try your hand at baiting a trap, banding a lobster, and identifing the creatures of the sea.

Plus there's so many more options!

Get Fit
Get the blood pumping and the minds at ease! Let us introduce your team to meditation, martial arts, yoga, aquasize, even self-massage! We’ve also got tennis, canoes, upright paddleboards, kayaks, volleyball, bicycles and more to get them moving.

Surf, Swing & Stroll
It would be a shame to stay ‘inside’ when you’ve got an 800 acres oceanfront playground to explore. Suit up and ride the Atlantic Ocean with a surf lesson, or play a round on our White Point Golf Course – lessons and tournaments are always popular. And of course, we have trails everywhere onsite nad nearby - like at Keji Seaside - lace up and get moving!

Just Have Fun
"Chef’s Magic" culinary sessions with Executive Chef Alan, Wine 101 and "Off the Vine" Wine Tastings with Sommelier Dan Tanner, Beach Olympics, Scavanger Hunts, Washer Toss Tourneys and more are all possible.

Make a Difference
Lend the Friends of Kejimkujik National Park a hand with their Endangered Species Volunteer Programs. Do a beach sweep or beach restoration for the Plovers, track the Blandings Turtles and monitor the Loons. Different opportunities exist year round, let us help you lend a helping hand and make a difference. Learn more about their programs now.

Educational and Off-Site Tours
We’ve got plenty more resources and unique experiences up our sleeves, let us know your interests and we’ll offer you a menu of possibilities.