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Why White Point?

It’s a great day at White Point!

Bonfire on White Point beachWhite Point is the antidote to the typical, city-center, concrete-canyon meeting. Since most people live and work inland, it’s a true treat to meet at the seashore.

Delegates will rediscover what it’s like to sleep like a baby, as they are lulled to sleep by and wake to waves lapping against the shore. They’ll watch the sun seemingly rise from the ocean, stretching its beams across the water to landfall. They’ll breath the freshest air on the continent and dine on locally sourced fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables washed down with local wines, beers and spirits (tho’ we have all the imports to match a heart’s desire).

After a night at White Point, delegates will have a smile on their face, a spring in their step and an appreciation for hard work since it brings them to rare places like this. White Point acts like a big decompression chamber where walls are broken down and tensions swept away.

While White Point enjoys a rustic setting, there are no compromises on the professionalism and quality of the meeting facilities, service or experience. Our staff are experienced meeting professionals. Our ocean-edge meeting rooms are modern, awash in natural light, embrace ocean views and provide quick access to the outdoors. A few even provide the option of enjoying a roaring wood fire – like everything, it’s your choice.

Beyond the formal sessions, White Point’s unique location and 800-acre compound provides multiple on-site options and activities to provide a true out-of-box meeting venue, inspire real team-building, as well as providing a further treat to enhance the delegate experience whatever your group dynamic and demographic. White Point offers everything from golf to swimming (ocean, lake and pool), tennis, cycling, hiking, billiards, paddle boarding, kayaking and surfing.

Less energetic, yet equally invigorating are seaside bonfires and marshmallow roasts – when did you board last do that? Smiles and laughter are two house specialties.

We are also a recognized green meeting destination with a 4 Green Key designation.

It all contributes to great days at White Point.